TimeWorld Time
November 21, 22 and 23, 2019 in Paris

Global scientific meetings

Researchers, industrialists, academics, artists and the general public, working together to create links and design projects.

Understand the complexity of the world, decide, commit, move forward

Presentations, debates, summaries, performances, meetings

Measured time
Measurement systems, astrophysics, cryptography, navigation systems, space exploration, industry of the future, cybersecurity.
Paleontology, biology, geology, medicine, biosphere, geosphere.
Neuroscience, sociology, economics, finance, digital information, mythanalysis.

Music, literature, science fiction, cinema, painting, photography, video games.

Challenging questions in all disciplines

TimeWorld shares knowledge, expertise and insights.

Timeworld Time at a glance

  • 90 conferences
  • 6 round tables
  • 500 m² exhibition
  • 3 exceptional performance

My favorite pastime is letting time go by, having time, taking time, wasting time, living against the clock.

Event programme

Discover all the speakers, partners, exhibitors, performances... and all the questions and answers.

A transdisciplinary and multicultural approach

Time is a device in our brain that serves to give the fundamentally illusory existence of things and ourselves an appearance of reality through duration.

Press conference at the Eiffel Tower

Live synthesis drawings

What is time? If no one asks me, I know; if I try to explain it to my questioner, I don't know. And yet, I boldly declare, I know that if nothing passed, there would be no past time; that if nothing happened, there would be no future time; that if nothing was, there would be no present time.

Exceptional performances to pass the time

A video library for free access to knowledge

Videos of the event

All presentations and debates were filmed. Interviews on the topic were also conducted.

The time to read, like the time to love, dilates the time to live.

Sit down, I've got all the time in the world.

TimeWorldEvent presents all TimeWorld editions.

The dream is the real victory over time.

This event is a co-production