Ronan Grossiat

Ronan Grossiat
Management consultant and collector

Ronan Grossiat is a management consultant and collector. He is the General Secretary of the Association for the International Diffusion of French Art (ADIAF), a non-profit organization gathering more than 300 collectors and patrons, dedicated to the international promotion of artists living and working in France. In 2000, ADIAF created the Marcel Duchamp Prize, one of the most prestigious contemporary art prizes in the world. Ronan is committed to supporting the diversity of the art scene and its visibility abroad, outside the logic of the market and speculation, particularly through the production of artistic projects during exhibitions in institutions, residencies or biennials. He has accompanied the launch of several endowment funds dedicated to contemporary art. He is a member of the Contemporary Art Acquisition Group of the Centre Pompidou, and has contributed to the Selection Committees of the Marcel Duchamp Prize, as well as to various juries dedicated to emerging contemporary art.

Photo credit: S. Falour

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