Our sponsors

Why become a sponsor?

TimeWorld is the event that values collective intelligence and spreads knowledge with no cultural constraint. The congress will display aspects of randomness from different perspectives, from theory to fact and from the past to the future.
Challenging questions will be discussed by industrial actors, researchers and the general public. Everyone’s expertise will help solve a complex situation and solutions will merge in order to find new ideas and create new projects.
More than inviting people to think together, TimeWorld is also the opportunity to participate in contests, workshops, playful scientific and artistic activities and exceptional shows.
Becoming one of TimeWorld’s sponsors is taking part in this disruptive concept that consists in placing individuals at the centre of the scene, that spurs interactions between people from different cultures and backgrounds in order to create new ideas in science. We are dedicated to respecting and spreading everyone’s expertise and ethics. Being one of TimeWorld’s sponsors is acting in this direction before, meanwhile and after the event.

How to become a sponsor?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our sponsors

Thanks to all the structures (industries, research centers, universities and media) that support TimeWorldEvent and thus act in favor of science, dissemination of knowledge and sharing of ideas.

Our donors

Thank you to all those who made a donation to the general interest association Ideas in science on its dedicated Commeon page. We particularly appreciate their generosity and involvement in the field of science education.
Anne-Flore Lewi
Catherine Maunoury
Céline Fellag Ariouet
Herve Fischer
Iolande Rossignol
Jacques Arnould
Laurent Vincent
Marc Trotignon
Maxime Abolgassemi
Olivia Recasens
Pascal Guillard
Pierre-François Mouriaux
Roger Mansuy
Roland Lehoucq
Sébastien Nourtier
Thibault Njeckil
Thibault Paris
Thierry Berrou