TimeWorld POSTER

Whichever profile you are (student, industrial, researcher, general public), TimeWorldPoster invites you to contest in one of the 4 categories corresponding to your favourite domain. For each category, our judges will select 10 posters which will be shown in the TimeWorld Gallery during the whole congress.


Your project shows your representation of energies in the chosen category. Each winner will receive a TimeWorld book. Their work may be published by one of our partners. A winner will be randomly drawn among the four chosen in each category. To participate, please fill in the form below ; most fields are required for your participation to be valid. Registration will be closed on the 18th of April, 2023, at midnight (Paris time).
Measured energies
The energies of the living
Perceived energies
Energies in art
Please attach an A3 poster of your project.
Only PDF files will be accepted.