Gabrielle Halpern

Gabrielle Halpern

Doctor of philosophy, associate researcher and graduate of the École Normale Supérieure, Gabrielle Halpern has worked in various ministerial cabinets (Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Research and Higher Education, Ministry of Justice), before participating in the development of startups and advising companies and public institutions. She also has a background in theology and exegesis of religious texts. She is an associate expert at the Jean Jaurès Foundation and directs the "Hybridations" series she created at Editions de l'Aube. Her research work focuses on the notion of hybridization and she explores this notion in many fields, including innovation, human resources, organizations, ecology, the individual, the economy, art, communication, work, territorial planning, science, education, literature, technology, politics, etc., and society in general. She is the author of the essay "Tous centaures! Eloge de l'hybridation" (Le Pommier, 2020), the comic book "La Fable du centaure" (Humensciences, 2022, illustrated by Didier Petetin) and the book "Philosopher et Cuisiner: un mélange exquis - Le Chef et la Philosophe" (Editions de l'Aube, 2022, co-authored with Guillaume Gomez).

Photo credit: Frédérique Touitou

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