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Librairie Eyrolles
Stand n°SA-03

The Eyrolles Bookstore and Eyrolles.com are services of the Eyrolles S.A. Group. The Eyrolles.com online bookstore site opened in July 1999. The Eyrolles Group has been present on the Internet since 1997, with web sites dedicated to its activities as a publisher and distributor, and quite early on set up the possibility of ordering books from its collection through these sites. In 1999, the group decided to open a real merchant site, relying on the expertise of its specialized Parisian bookstore and its distance selling structure (EyrollesPro, formerly Dlivres). The Eyrolles.com site was launched in July of the same year and opened with a first department: Computer Science. In 2000, the Enterprise-Management and Construction departments were added to the site and partnerships were set up with a number of sites positioned in these sectors. Since then, many departments have been added, following both the evolution of the bookseller activity and the new French editorial themes.

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L'aventure mathématique
Stand n°SA-02

Tangente magazine, emblem of mathematical culture and its links with other fields, celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2022. Its five main sections are as many ways to popularize mathematics in an original way. - Stories: mathematical concepts were not created in a day and have sometimes taken centuries to establish. Mathematics "tells its own story".
- Bridges: Tangente highlights the bridges that link arts and mathematics. Beyond the aesthetics of a result or the beauty of a demonstration, we can discover the hidden mathematics of certain artists, their common birth with music, the link with literature... - Actions: mathematics brings us into the world of today: economy, politics... They are also omnipresent in daily life. - Games and problems: a close link exists between mathematics and games. Doing mathematics is playing, searching, finding, challenging oneself... - Knowledge : one finds, of course, articles in Tangente that only talk about mathematics. They obey constraints that make their approach attractive, from the form to the structure, from the style to the layout and the illustrations.

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TimeWorldEvent Shop
Books about random and signing area
Stand n°SA-01

TimeWorldEvent displays aspects of time from different perspectives, from theory to fact and from the past to the future. Challenging questions are discussed by industrial actors, researchers and the general public. Everyone’s expertise help solve a complex situation and solutions will merge in order to find new ideas and create new projects. In 2020, TimeWorldEvent focus on the question of Random. More than inviting people to think together, TimeWorldEvent is also the opportunity to participate in contests, workshops, playful scientific and artistic activities and exceptional shows.

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