Wednesday 29
Thursday 30
Friday 1st
Hour Room Conference
8h45 - 9h15 8h45


9h15 - 10h 9h15
34B Marie-Christine Lemardeley, Laurence Honnorat, Pierre-Marie Chauvin

Opening speeches

34A Alexis Paillet

Are we ready for the construction of a permanent base on the Moon?

24 Clémence Farrell

Ephemeral construction: reinvention of permanent spaces?

10h - 10h45 10h
34B Guillaume Lecointre

Phylogenetic reconstruction or phylogenetic construction?

34A Benjamin Fuks

Is it still necessary to build models beyond the Standard Model?

24 Stéphane Houdet

How is the quest for gold at the Games being prepared?

10h45 - 11h30 10h45
34B Jean Audouze

How is the universe built?

34A Emmanuelle Pouydebat

Can we build a robot based on an elephant?

24 François Nicolas

Why can't music be built?

11h30 - 12h15 11h30
34B Jade Bouchemit

Is reality a construction of art?

34A Gwenaëlle Rousse

Is the crystal built only with atoms?

24 Alain Riazuelo

How are our representations of reality constructed?

12h15 - 13h 12h15
34B Jean-Jacques Bahain

How is the chronological framework of human evolution constructed?

34A Fanny Nusbaum Paganetti

Can we build intelligence?

24 Sylvie Wieviorka

Psychotherapy: truth or construction of reality?

13h - 13h45 13h


13h45 - 14h30 13h45
34B Hervé Chneiweiss

How does our brain build the world?

34A Peggy Larrieu

Can we build a more just justice with the help of neuroscience?

24 Francesca Caruana

Is the construct the only condition for perception?

14h30 - 15h15 14h30
34B Brigitte Zanda

What are the first steps in the construction of the solar system?

34A Jean-Paul Delahaye

Is it true that in mathematics one can build everything from nothing?

24 Yann Parot

How do you build a Mars instrument?

15h15 - 16h 15h15
34B Aurélien Alvarez

Can we build a computer with Lego?

34A Sylvain Delouvée

How is a conspiracy theory constructed?

24 Emmanuelle Javaux

How to reconstruct the first three billion years of evolution of life?

16h - 16h45 16h
34B Gérard Berry

How is computing a science and a construction technique?

34A Thierry Pozzo

Is living matter essential to the construction of reality?

24 Isabel Marcos

Is the semiotics of space a design tool in architecture?

16h45 - 17h30 16h45
34B Hervé Fischer

Can we build a theory of mythoanalysis?

34A Roger Mansuy

Ruler, compass and beyond: what can be built with geometric tools?

24 Jean-Luc Pérez

What is built when a building is constructed today?

17h30 - 18h15 17h30
34B Etienne Klein

How to build a theory of gravitation by dropping bodies?

34A Laurent Mazliak

How to build a probabilistic scene in a hostile environment?

24 Raphaël Dallaporta

How to build a message of peace?


  • Question: each conference title is a question that refers to a problem.
  • Video: a film for each conference will be published.
  • Written and oral summary: the oral synthesis goes with the written summary. All synthesis will be published at a later date.
  • Drawn synthesis: the drawn synthesis starts being created the second the conference begins. It will be projected live onto a giant screen. It will be used in the end of the conference to make the written and oral summaries.