Brainstorming with an AI

During the whole congress
The artist Lapin is interested in the paths of thought, the logic applied to colors, patterns and the emergence of meaning that results from their combination. He proposes sentences and images of his work to an artificial intelligence and composes from that.
He compiles the machine's responses into video and then transcribes his impressions into paint via a series of illustrations. During the Timeworld 2022 IA congress, the artist Lapin creates a live work whose different fragments will be sold.

Is AI space shaped by my gaze?

Thursday 5th May, 5:45pm
A meteorite struck the Earth 400 million years ago and formed the astrobleme of Charlevoix, a fertile inhabited crescent at the heart of which we are invited to ask these essential questions: Who are we? Where are we? Where are we headed? At its heart, a naturally and artificially intelligent space, inspired by the wisdom of Hubert Reeves, takes us on a journey through the physical and virtual territories of being in the world, at all scales of matter, time and space, in the meanders of complex thought, and filled with love for our bio-diverse natures. This performative, immersive and interactive conference is presented by Luc Courchesne and students from McGill University's School of Architecture, in close collaboration with the Scientific Committee of the Geosphere Observatory in Charlevoix.
Conceived and produced by Luc Courchesne and students from the School of Architecture of McGill University: Angelo Chiara, Robin Gaudreault, Marie Michaud, Stéphanie Larocque, Maelle Calvinhac, Margot Girard, Xuan-Vinh Daniel Nguyen, Axelle Karam, Mariam Ag Bazet, Diba Khamezan, John Vaccaro, Jason Jorgji, Caroline Smith.
With the participation of Paule Ducharme and the Scientific Committee of the Charlevoix Geosphere Observatory.