Jeux du piano et du hasard

Thursday 1 july 2021, 7pm
Conservatoire national des arts et métiers
A young French piano revelation, Bella Schütz, was admitted to the Salzburg Mozarteum in Jacques Rouvier's class in June 2019. She loves travelling, reads a lot of English literature and is passionate about Caravaggio's painting. For the 2020 edition of TimeWorld, Bella Schütz invites us to an exceptional concert.
On the program of the "Piano Games and Chance":
  • Schubert — Six Moments Musicaux D 780 (Moderato, Andantino, Allegretto moderato, Moderato, Allegro vivace)
  • Brahms — 2 Rhapsodies op. 79 (Agitato, Molto passionato, ma non troppo allegro.)
  • Scriabine — Sonate Nr. 9 op. 68 “Messe Noire”
  • Chopin — Scherzo Nr. 4 op. 54


Friday 2 july 2021, 7pm
Conservatoire national des arts et métiers
Bovary21 is Emma Bovary's play in the 21st century. She works in marketing. But she is also a famous influencer. Will his millions of followers help her escape the tragic fate of Flaubert's heroine? And the other characters of Flaubert, Charles, Rodolphe, what are they becoming today? Georges Lewi, mythologist, signs a comic play that tracks the tragedy of the life of our contemporary society and everyday life in big companies.

Le Syndrôme Bill de la Gourette

Saturday 3 july 2021, 7pm
Conservatoire national des arts et métiers
It is not easy to find one's way through the complexity of the world for this character who tries to make sense of the objects that surround him, the language expressions of his contemporaries, the media verbiage, the multiplication of experts, China, America, conspiracies, conceptual art. Then he consults Professor Ragout who advises him to take a good footbath so as not to lose his head and to start walking on the earth again.